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Clear, precise, stylish


My understanding of translation is a precise and elegant reformulation of your work into the language of the persons you wish to reach. I will achieve this without bias or loss of information. I will give insight into your purposes and comply with your objectives, which are as significant as the skill, the background and the linguistic knowledge I offer.

Entrust me with your text in English or German and I shall restyle it in a tailor-made French suit. Concerned by quality and correctness, I only provide translations from English or German into French.

I also review, correct and edit French texts of all types into flawless documents aimed at publication.

The "Tariffs" page indicates usual prices for translation or edition work. Depending on the type of assignement a contract price can be fixed. Just telephone me, tell me about your needs and let us examine the terms and conditions of a successful collaboration.


Of course, all assignements will be treated in strict confidence.


« French has a kind of precision, it is a peremptory tongue. Impressionism was

invented in France, but nothing is less impressionistic than the French language. »


Statement by film maker Raoul Ruiz, in an interview with Cyril Béghin for the Cahiers du cinéma (October 2010)

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